Best Chess Set for Kids – Chess Set for Junior 2021

Making a child learn the tricks of chess can be a difficult job, but the best chess set for kids has got you covered. It is such a game that urges your mind to think out of the box to save your kingdom. To teach your child or polish your skill, you need to have a chess set that suits your requirements.

Depending on your usage type, there are many options available in the market, but the brands below have the best customer reviews. 

Satisfaction in terms of quality is guaranteed by the manufacturers as well as users too. The sizes that these chess sets come in also make them portable and perfect travel buddies.

With a good star rating, users tend to use durable products and do not make them regret their investment. The chess sets used for kids or even adults are made from the finest and high-quality material.

Wood and plastic go a long way with you in your journey from beginner to master, where Pine or HIPS plastic saves the day. The board size can range from 9 to 15 inches at most, with the ability to be folded into half. The impressive part about them is the magnetic technology that will keep the pieces stick to their positions. Even if a friendly game turns into a fight, the chess pieces will not fall out of their spaces on their own.

Usually, there is a storage compartment at the back of the folded board that saves the pieces from breaking too early or losing into the black hole. Some brands prefer to add a string pouch with the package as it is easy to keep all the pieces together than to put them individually in their placeholders.

Chessmen need to be safe, not too pointy or flashy for beginners like kids. They are made from glossy wood or plastic that does not give them a cheap look. Each piece is made in a different size or at least a different design, keeping in mind their positions. Queen, king, pawn, or knight, the experts pay special attention to their crafting and hand sculpting.

Experts choice for the best chess set for kids 2021

  1. QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set with Folding Chess Board
  2. Peradix Wooden Chess Set for Kids and Adults
  3. iBaseToy 3 in 1 Magnetic Travel Chess Set
  4. Jseraph Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set
  5. iBaseToy 3 in 1 Magnetic Travel Chess Set for Kids and Adults

1. QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set with Folding Chess Board

QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set with Folding Chess Board

After taking all things in consideration, we can say that QuadPro Magnetic Travel is the best chess set for kids. Portable chess sets are in trend in most board games, and Quadpro has taken it to another level. The reason lies in its design and durable functionality so much that the brand guarantees customer satisfaction.

High-quality material is used to make this chessboard as it is foldable with a matte finish look. HIPS plastic is why this board is lightweight, meaning that it is easy to carry around. 9.84 inches of length and 0.78 inches thickness is visible when the board is laid straight.

There are feet to support the steady grip on the surface with secure locks on the edges on the back. This board has a spacious storage compartment for you to store the chessmen into it securely. Flipping it back to the front side, the design is quite remarkable and classy.

When folded, the board measure 9.84 by 4.92 inches with 1.56 inches of thickness. Under the surface are magnetic blocks that will hold the pieces and not let them move until you do it yourself. In case of a sudden board flipping, you will be lucky to have this feature while losing. On the other hand, dealing with kids and making them learn chess, this magnetic feature will come in handy.

Listed in best-selling board games, quad pro proudly puts on the board of customer satisfaction guarantee. Having the portable feature of this board enables you to carry it around with you anywhere you go with its small size that can fit anywhere.


  • HIPS plastic made
  • Magnetic  pieces
  • 9.84 x 9.84 x 0.78” board size
  • Foldable board
  • Storage compartment
  • Guarantee quality

2. Peradix Wooden Chess Set for Kids and Adults

Peradix Wooden Chess Set for Kids and Adults

Made from natural pine wood known to be one of its kind finest, the Peradix chess set is here to dazzle everyone in the market. Perfect for kids is the reason for its non-sharp edges, enabling you to buy this product without harming your child.

Each chess piece has a different size and detailing on it carved in the pinewood with a glossy touch in the end. Gift this box to a true chess lover as it comes in smart and convenient packaging. Briefcase like box that is also wood-made is how the gameplay will not make much noise too.

Talking about the board itself has a foldable quality that makes it easy for the user to store it in a tiny space. Other than that, the board’s surface is labeled with the pieces’ positions giving a wooden look overall with brown and white boxes.

At the back of the square board is the storage compartment with unique places for each chess piece. This ability helps keep the pieces from chipping or breaking altogether as the cut out secures their position firmly.

A metal buckle holds everything together so that nothing falls out of its place or falls out of the box. You never have to lose the pieces ever again, and no, your kid. Easily carried from one place to another, this chess set is ideal for cultivating your child’s mind to learn chess strategies.


  • Wooden pieces
  • Storage compartment
  • Individual place holder
  • Easy to carry
  • Handcrafted design
  • Metal latch buckle
  • Foldable board

3. iBaseToy 3 in 1 Magnetic Travel Chess Set

iBaseToy 3 in 1 Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Getting 3 games at the price of one can be done by iBaseToy, which has launched 3 in 1 magnetic chess sets. This board game is ideal for kids and adults as it also comes with checkers, 15 rule cards. In case your kid is naughty, the magnetic mechanism can hold the pieces stick to their places.

12.6 inches of the board can be folded into half its size and stored in a small space or luggage. This ability is also helpful if you are a chess lover and cannot live without beating a noobe in it at least once. Get your bags ready with this foldable chess set.

Usually, you find a storage compartment at the back of such boards, but the brand tried to be innovative and made string pouches to save your pieces from losing. HIPS plastic is used in the making of chessmen that comes with this package.

Every chess piece is made in a different design, although the sizes are typically the same in length. A matte feel is felt when you get to hold a piece in your hand that gives a classy look to the chess set. Moreover, the pieces are not plain but are engraved with each piece’s position following the standard chess design.

High-quality build and durability are some of the reasons users buy this product like hotcakes. A good chess set is made to last long and not chip from sides as cheap plastic does. Perfect for gifting this to your kids, friends or relatives, so that the legacy of chess passes onto your generations.


  • 12.6 by 12.6” board size
  • Travel buddy
  • 3 more games
  • Storage string pouches
  • Foldable board
  • Magnetic pieces

4. Jseraph Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set

Jseraph Wooden Chess and Checkers Game Set

A perfect 12 inches square for ultimate chess battle is introduced by Jseraph, made from pure pine of New Zealand. Along with 2 extra queen pieces, the brand packs checkers pieces to get 2 in 1 fun. Train your mind for the toughest challenges there are with the perfect chess set in the market.

Its hype is that it has the entire premium look that is made from the finest wood. The board folds in half with the storage compartment at the back. Each piece has its separate cutout to make them stick to its place.

This style of chess set makes it convenient to carry it around you anywhere you go. Felt bottoms with velvet padding can become anti-scratching and anti noisy pieces during playing. Each piece of different sizes is handcrafted by expert craftsmen and the finest pine wood.

Premium quality guarantees durability and smooth gameplay without the worry of chipping or breaking the pieces. The board has its perks and positive sides with a gloss finish on the top face. Its storage compartment also consists of a felt interior.

The inclusion of storage bags is a thoughtful step by the brand to save the checkers and other things in them. The manufacturers also promise a guarantee of customer satisfaction with money back. Take this board with you in the park or to a friend and gift it to your loved ones since it has multiple uses.


  • 12” x 12” board size
  • Felt velvet bottom
  • Wooden set 
  • Extra queen piece
  • Made from new Zealand pine
  • Hand crafted
  • Storage compartment

5. iBaseToy 3 in 1 Magnetic Travel Chess Set for Kids and Adults

iBaseToy 3 in 1 Magnetic Travel Chess Set for Kids and Adults

Ibasetoy 3 is the home for children board games and toys to learn and train their minds like children’s play. Three in 1 magnetic chess set is one of those assets that can fulfill the purpose of fun and learn simultaneously.

Two storage bags come with this set and 3 games and chess to simultaneously change the pace of games. The board itself measures 9.8 inches wide as its ideal size that can be folded in half. While it is turned over, the size becomes 4.9 by 9.8 inches.

The other side of the board has space for storing the chess pieces safely. Chess pieces have a velvet bottom on the magnetic board to make a firm grip on them. You do not have to worry about your kids losing the pieces or falling out of their place.

Made from high-quality plastic, the pieces are all different shapes and sizes with each member from the castle. Quality assures the long-lasting, and durable functioning of the set since dealing with kids often breaks quickly.

This feature is also helpful in making no noise during game lay, and with such soft bottoms, scratches are prevented on the board’s surface. The set’s travel size makes it very portable and easy to carry while also being a perfect holiday gift.


  • Magnetic board
  • High quality plastic
  • 9.8 x 9.8” size
  • Foldable
  • 3 in 1 chess set
  • Velvet bottom pieces

Feature to note before buying chess set for kids

Chess has been loved for 1400 years, and the reason is that the sets it comes in keep evolving. Where there are wooden plastic or electronic sets, everyone prefers their type, which makes them competitive. Other than this, the price range determines the quality, but there are a few things that will make it easy for you to make the decision:

Chess pieces:

As an important part of the chess set, the pieces need to be in perfect shape and size. Thus, brands try to make them hand-crafted since they are always in demand by customers due to their antique yet classy look.

The materials they are made can be soft plastic, thick silicon, or wood, depending upon the board type. Another addition is the bottom of the chessmen. Velvet pads are added so that no scratches are to be made on the board if the game gets intense.


Supporting a suitable type of board is a necessity in every package that is sold. Foldable boards are always good to be in your collection since they are easy to carry. The average size that is available ranges from 9 inches to 12 inches at most.

The board gets to be folded in half without the irritating division on the surface. Evenly sliced into two describes the excellent finishing, and if the half is not significantly cut, not buying that board is suggested. In addition to this, magnetic boards are also in trend right now. These boards can make the pieces stick to the surface of it even after the panel is folded. 


Many brands make storage compartments at the back of the boards so when it is folded, the pieces can be stored in them. Felt or velvet interior completes its premium look with each piece place holder of their exact size.

There are string bag pouches that are big enough to contain each set of the black and white army of chess pieces separately. These pouches serve you with multiple purposes, but choosing which one is good is the user’s personal preference.


Durability and long-lasting usage are the keys to notice the quality of the brand. Chess sets for kids need to be solid and sturdy enough not to break early. Fine quality materials are to be used as finest wood or HIPS plastic if the users prefer that.

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