7 Best chess set under 100 2021

Increase your problem solving skills with best chess set under 100 with you. Chess is known to be one of those strategic games that will stimulate your thinking capabilities to their edge. Board games will never get old unless and until there are brands who keep providing innovative ideas in the products they make.

Luckily there are a bunch of manufacturers that have set up a team of good craftsmen and experts to design a unique but user friendly chess set. This will make sure that the love for this game never dies in people’s hearts.

Under this price tag, which is quite affordable for the people who are passionate about it, you are able to get hand crafted premium looking and classic boards. What is the point of playing it on a board that you do not even like? Much thanks to this category of brands and items that will make you wants to buy all of it.

Minimum to maximum board length is measured from 12 inches to 20 inches with the height of 2.5 inches if the compartment for chessmen is under the surface. The addition of inlaid pouches or felt cloth in the storage compartment is a thoughtful step by the designers.

Sycamore, hornbeam, birch etc and their wood is used to make the main body of the board game. These trees are known as one of the best woods they have on them that are usually used in making furniture. This explains the long lasting and reliable boards that are created from a piece of fine wood from the jungle.

Imported from Poland or China, these items are also made travel friendly and light weight so it is carry to carry them with you. The main board is itself foldable most of the times depending of the manufacturers too.

No matter what material is used to make the chess pieces either wood or zinc alloy metal, there is a lot of detailing that goes in their making and also weighting them with metal slugs also. The choice in the end is of users’ for which one to go for.

List Of Top Rated Best chess set under 100

  1. Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set
  2. Chess and games shop Muba Handmade Chess Set European Ambassador
  3. Wegiel Handmade Jowisz Professional Tournament Chess Set
  4. Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board
  5. Wegiel Brown Senator Wooden Chess Set
  6. FUN+1 TOYS! Classic Wooden Chess Set
  7. Classic 985 Game Collection Metal Chess Set

1- Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

Anything with a premium feel and look catches the heart and so does wegiel handmade chess set. Sizing from 21 inches, this beech birch board has been made with a hand of an expert. It is amazing how much details have been put into its craftsmanship.

Wegiel ambassador set is made from combining different words from birch, sycamore, hornbeam, beech wood etc. the chess pieces are from the sycamore and hornbeam and are known for their great finishing. Looking at it gives a really antique yet classy look that also features signs of modernity in its design.

The structure is a bit similar to modern day chess boards but excluding the charm that they do not have. There is a separate compartment built in it to keep the pieces safe. Noticing that the bottom of the pieces are made from felt so that it does not scratch the board while playing.

Not only its design but detailing has been made with careful planning to ensure quality. It offers and serves everything a traditional chess board will but the difference is that it is handcrafted. The feeling of great setting and touch makes it one of a kind. 

Perfect for gifting your friends or relatives, this board is definitely the choice of a classy man of today. The wood that lasts for a life time has been used and crafted wisely keeping the durability intact. The board is fairly large in its size for comfortable playing and folds too, making it easy to take it away with you on a perfect holiday.


  • Wooden board 21”
  • Felt bottom
  • Made from premium wood
  • Chess compartment
  • Handcrafted set

2- Chess and games shop Muba Handmade Chess Set European Ambassador

Chess and games shop Muba Handmade Chess Set European Ambassador

Board games will never get old just like chess and for the love of this brain teaser; Wegiel has put out its hand crafted chess set making every mouth drool over it. Perfect for gifting the lovers of chess, this board has its own premium look and feel.

21 inches of size has some serious edge for detailing and the amazing part is its hand made in Poland. The use of several woods as birch, hornbeam etc, they have been carefully examined and aligned with the requirements of this game.

Put into so much effort but having a reasonable price is how the legacy never dies and more chess masters will keep it going. The pieces are equipped with felt bottoms to prevent from scratching the base of the board.

Having being this thoughtful, Wegiel has made it foldable also so that you get to store it easily anywhere. Even after the wooden texture, it is lightweight in itself and does not feel heavy. There are no pointy edges that can cause harm and is fairly large in size for a comfortable match.

The brass clasps give a neat finish and fine detailing into the light making it an everyday use product. One can easily feel the effort that is put into the making of this board through the touch of their own hands. Coming in an affordable price is a cherry on top as well.


  • 21” board size
  • Hand made
  • Premium wood used
  • Brass clasps
  • Chess compartment
  • Felt piece bottoms

3- Wegiel Handmade Jowisz Professional Tournament Chess Set

Wegiel Handmade Jowisz Professional Tournament Chess Set

Jowisz by wegiel is a complete professional tournament chess set to start off with. The board size is 16 inches that is large enough to set it on display for the tournament. This match ready chess set 2 compartments used to secure the pieces while the board is folded to lock it.

Brass clasps are locked so that the pieces do not come out of their place in case you take it with you somewhere. Light weight and easy to carry around, this product is made with sycamore and hornbeam woods crafted in detailed designed.

The pieces themselves have tiny detailing on them to complete their look. The numbers and boxes on the board are painted but the overall body is actually made from wood. Elegant pricing of this item indicated the long lasting and promising function that you will not regret.

Made in Poland, the squares on the board are of 4cm each making it big enough to play with ease. The western European look has made it a thing of today with the history of the past. Wood gives a unique antique type of look that the polish experts have put the effort to make this.

The decorative yet classy and traditional chess set is the legacy of great chess masters from the history. Wegiel has tried not to change that since the original remains the best form of anything. The perfect blend of woods and expertise makes it different from other boards.


  • 4cm each square
  • Foldable board
  • Brass clasps
  • Secured chess compartments
  • Detailed woodwork on pieces
  • All wood made

4- Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board

Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board

Agirgle international chess set is made to dazzle every user that loves this board game as a goodtime pass. A perfect gift for the lovers of chess, that is affordable and at the same time, made from environmental zinc alloy material.

The good thing about the material that is used is it will not rust or fade of its color, letting the look of the pieces remain the same even after a long time. Can be used at any occasion, the product body is made out of wood.

The change of material allows you to travel with it or easily carry it around so you never miss a good game. High quality wood plus the metal lock is used to secure the pieces at the back of the board itself. This lets the pieces to stay and place and never lose which is thoughtful and a good step by the brand.

Each piece is 6cm long which is pretty big for its size whereas the board itself has the size of 29 x 28.5 x 2.8cm from all sides. Metal gives a unique shiny and exquisite look to the viewer as this could be your statement item in your cart. 


  • Easy to carry
  • Foldable board
  • 2.6” piece size
  • Metal lock
  • Metallic body made

5- Wegiel Brown Senator Wooden Chess Set

Wegiel Brown Senator Wooden Chess Set

Learn the art of chess from the expert brands and their premium chess sets. A 16 inches board is the ideal size of user favorite board used for a good pass time or a tournament. With each piece of different size, for instance 3” tall king, 2.25” tall bishop or 2” tall knight, every piece has its own identity in this set.

Designed by the experts of Poland, the chessmen are weighted, meaning that they have made with metal slugs to maintain a grip when they are placed on the board. The surface or each square size is measured to be 1.50 inches which is considered a standard size for this type of chess board.

Weighing 3.5 lb, this is a lightweight board that is easy to carry around with you if you are a frequent traveler but also love to keep your mind in good working condition. An intersection is made because the board happens to be foldable where all the chess pieces are stored.

Best for use for children above 5 years of age recommended by the brand explains the safety zone for the users. Appearance and detailed pieces are great looking for this price tag instead are rather appealing than usual and ordinary ones.


  • 16 x 2” size
  • 1.50” square size
  • 3.5lb weight
  • Different size pieces
  • Weighted chessmen

6- FUN+1 TOYS! Classic Wooden Chess Set

FUN+1 TOYS! Classic Wooden Chess Set

Fun+1 toys have the perfect companion for you and your family gatherings and that is classic wooden chess set. Sized as 15x 15 inches the board is made from wood itself. A nice finishing and design is perfect for 2 players to kill time.

Its premium quality is the trademark of the brand’s and expert’s craft work that is complimented by the user. Staunton chessman are stored in velvet pouches to keep it safe from damage, really explains the premium part of its description.

Storage compartment is clothed from the inside and is placed at the back of the flat board. A good organization is very necessary to tech discipline to the players and this is what the brand tried to do here. Each piece has its place in the compartment and serves as the safe zone after a good game.

The board is foldable as to where the compartment lies too and this feature allows you to keep your game safe. Travel friendly is really the money line for many users as the love for chess is never ending and to leave your board at home is really buzz killing.

An ideal board game that trains your mind with different difficulty level is great for all age groups. Stimulate your mind with the trips and tricks of chess and build your strategy to win a perfect game using this chess set as your guide.


  • 15 by 15” size
  • Storage compartment
  • Foldable board
  • Wooden set
  • Premium quality

7- Classic 985 Game Collection Metal Chess Set

Classic 985 Game Collection Metal Chess Set

Train your brain to be a chess master with Classic game collection metal chess set. The deluxe wood board combines with the look of a premium crafted product and is inlaid with detailed woodwork on board. It is one of the mind boggling games that require a lot of concentration and what better could it be done with other than a good chess board.

Talking about the size of the board may not be appealing to some of the users but the reason is its double because of the storage compartment. The metal made pieces are put into the safe to keep them secure of their design and finishing.

The whole main body has a height of 2.5 inches tall with 12 by 12 inches of board size on the surface. Zinc alloy metal is shiny and appeals the eye of the viewer with its appearance set on the board. The age recommendation is for children above 14 years by the brand as small parts can be a choking hazard to kids.

Made from quality wood, it is a promising item from the brand to last longer than ordinary sets whereas the metal pieces will not rust in any weather. Giving user the trust they need is how the brand has made a huge PR in the market as buyers believe in their products.


  • Metal pieces
  • Double chess board size
  • 12” x 12” size of board
  • 2.5” height
  • Crafted wooden inlaid

Elements to consider before buying chess set under 100

Although which board one prefers totally depends on the user’s personal preference, but writing the price tag in bold words, one should not be demanding too much from it. These lowest rate chess sets have still some pretty amazing features to list.

Board type:

There are many types of boards including electronic, metal, plastic, ebony wooden, plain or magnetic. The suggested ones mostly are of wood made with hand crafted detailing on them since they tend to give a premium look.

While maintain a classic look and not going too far with the tech these days, wood work is what keeps the class and integrity of chess aligned. Similarly there are some boards which lay flat on its surface and some are foldable because they have the storage space for the pieces to be reserved.

Various designs may attract different users but the most liked one are the ones made from birch or metal as they are able to long last and does not cost you a fortune as well. The metal ones have their own durability factors and do not rust easily, letting you enjoy a good mind boggling session.

Travel friendly:

This money line can be of a great mean to many users after you get to know your time while you play the game. Make sure if you want to take the board with you in the nearby park, a friend’s home or somewhere far off from your home for a tournament.

The lightweight quality of the designs is usually the best ones to go for this type of user who is a frequent traveler but cannot stay away from his favorite game. Other than that the compartment is able to keep all the pieces in one place so there is less chance of losing them in any kind of chaos.

Storage compartment:

Many boards in this price tag come with a storage place for the chess pieces to be securely intact underneath the surface. They have been made with a layer of felt and a blueprint of each piece cut out. They tend to set in well and grips closely while the board is closed with Brass locks. Some brands provide separate pouches for them to let the dust and damage away and it depends upon the user to decide which one is his favorite.

Material used:

The buyer needs to be clear about his usage requirement either they want to use it every day, for a specific tournament or just for leisure time. This will make the distinction very clear about what he wants for himself before making a purchase.

There are many materials like wood, metal, plastic and others which are used in the making of a chess board. There are also variations in the materials used such as good quality wood, expensive one, low quality metal which makes the board crack very often.


The pieces like bishop, queen, knight may all be made in a different size from 1 inches to 4 inches depending on the design factor or they can all be of the same size. The material from which they are made has a lot of importance for critics as they must give a fine look and should not look too cheap for chess has its own class.

Some brands prefer to put felt bottoms under the chessmen so to not let them scratch the surface of the board and not slip either. Others put metal slugs to make them weigh for a good grip.

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