7 Best chess set with storage in 2021

There is always the fear of losing your chess pieces but with best chess set with storage, this issue is resolved forever. Brands are able to provide the space for keeping the chessmen save forever not just in terms of losing but also in terms of breaking as well.

No matter what purpose you are getting the board for, either it is for tournament or making your child learn the game, you always need some sort of room to save your pieces. There are several boards online that are available for this purpose and their sizes differ as well as their prices.

You are able to get 15 to 22 inches of boards that are made from highest quality wood including birches, sycamore and hornbeam. These woods ensure that the final product that is ready to be served in the market ensures its long lasting usage.

Decorative, travel, kids, tournament, all these categories serve different purposes and made from different materials. The boards that have the folding ability turning full sizes into half are perfect for travelling. Put your chess set into your hand carry or luggage safely and without taking much space, you are good to go.

The storage compartment is exactly where the hinge is as if the cut gives you the idea of having the storage compartment. Some brands include string pouches that can be stored in the compartment while on the other hand the case is different.

Separate place holders are made into a layered felt interior where each piece rests and fits perfectly well. This feature makes o rattling or risk of breaking the pieces during a long hour travel plan of the user or in the hands of kids.

Moreover the board and chessmen serves the user with magnetic quality that the position of them during a game are not disturbed. Even if the bottoms are coated with anti scratch finishing, the magnets under them still work wonders.

List Of Top Rated Best chess set with storage

  1. Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set
  2. Amerous 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set
  3. KIDAMI Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set with 2 Portable Bags
  4. Classic Game (985) Collection Metal Chess Set
  5. Amerous 15″ x 15″ Magnetic Wooden Chess Set, Folding Travel Chess Board
  6. AMEROUS Chess Set, 15″x15″ Folding Magnetic Wooden Standard Chess
  7. The Jarilo, Unique Wooden Chess Set

1- Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set

Chess Armory 15 Wooden Chess Set

Chess armory introduces a classic wooden chest set that is known for its quality and premium storage capacity. This wood made chess is able to let the user play comfortable on its 15 inches of perfectly cut square. One inches of thickness of the board gives a serious edge to the solidity of the base to use for longer time.

A storage compartment is made at the back of the flat board that turns into a room for keeping all the pieces unified in one place. Inner side of the compartment is layered with felt giving it a soft and premium touch of velvet.

Staunton style of pieces is included in the box that is usually the standard type of chessmen used in many tournaments as well. Two brass clasps are present to secure the lock of the capacity room which consists of separate place holders.

Each piece sticks to its place perfectly for not slipping out of position or chip from anywhere. Carry this box with you wherever you go as it is compact and easy to be fit in any place. High quality wood is used in the making of this set to ensure it approves all tests.

Every piece is hand crafted in different size and style where the kind is 3 inches tall which is the highest out of them all. Evolve your skills with a perfect chess set that is also gift able to your friends with the same interests as yours.


  • 15” x 15”
  • Folding base
  • Wooden made
  • Staunton style
  • Hand crafted
  • Storage for pieces

2- Amerous 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

Amerous 15 Inches Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

The ideal size of 15 inches chess board is available online by amorous that becomes one of the leading brands in such goodies. Magnetic chess pieces are able to stick to the wooden base that is able to not slip off from the board too.

Felt bottoms of these Staunton style chess pieces are actually anti scratching in a raging battle. Velvet pads also make no noise while moving them from one place to another. The board itself is foldable and can be halved into two perfect rectangles.

Easy to carry because of its lightweight, there is also a velvet coated interior used for storing the pieces. King, queen, bishop, pawn and knight all have their own place holders to which they fit perfectly. The magnetic set is a revolution in the world of chess which makes this board unique.

Mostly wooden sets did not contain magnets and since they are very likeable by the users, the brand included this feature in it as well. Two brass clasps are also found on the edge which is used to secure the compartment that is used for storage.

Your perfect travel buddy and ideal for gifting to the people who have same interests in chess as you has made your life easier. 2 extra queens are added in the package in case one has to offer a pawn and let the arbiter decide.


  • Magnetic pieces
  • Lightweight chess set
  • Handmade
  • Wooden base and chessmen
  • 15” x 15” size
  • 2 extra queens

3- KIDAMI Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set with 2 Portable Bags

KIDAMI Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set with 2 Portable Bags

Kidami is known for its training toys and goodies like board games, where a chess set has made its place among the users. This set is made from high quality plastic with wooden texture on it to make it look extravagant.

The board measures 12.4 inches to 10.6 inches that is close to the tournament standard boards. Its thickness is merely 1 inch making it one of the slimmest sets that you can find. This size is able to be carried with you anywhere you want making it your ideal travel buddy.

Conveniently put your chess set in a luggage or small space and its foldable ability makes the size half of what it was before. Open the box like a flap where you get to see a storage room for keeping all your pieces vast and spacious.

The brand has added two string bags to save your chess pieces and put them in the compartment. Velvet made bags is able to help you being organize and never lose any of your pieces here and there. Folded board locks itself with the other side of it firmly and a cut out is made to open it again in the middle.

Magnetic chessmen are designed with the texture of wood on the Staunton style. Keep them fixed at their place if you happen to play it in a long train ride. Slight bumps and inconveniences will not disturb your game play yet it will be easy to move the pieces whenever you want.


  • 12.4 x 10.6 x 0.8”
  • Foldable board
  • Different size pieces
  • Wooden texture
  • Made from plastic
  • Magnetic pieces
  • Storage bags

4- Classic Game (985) Collection Metal Chess Set

Classic Game (985) Collection Metal Chess Set

Get yourself a board that is different from the ordinary chess sets to let your unique choice be known to the world. Classic game collection introduces the metal chess box with deluxe wood made base. In a perfect square of 12 is near to the tournament style of board.

Each piece is made in different size with the high quality metal to make this product belong to the top selling items in kids’ board games. The brand has an extensive range in game board collection for which they understand the need and requirement for the type of materials that should be used.

There are different versions of this board, one that comes with string velvet pouches and the other that has the storage compartment. This is used for storing the premium pieces safe from scratching, chipping or losing them altogether.

Wooden texture upon the base of the set gives off a premium look consisting of inlaid chess board as well. All the chessmen size range from 2.5 inches and smaller with Staunton style of set, ready to be played with.

The upper part of the set is detachable and once it is put on, the width of the set doubles its actual size making a small table when not in use for playing. There is vast room under the lid where you get to see the bags for storing the pieces easily residing inside it.


  • 12” x 12” dimensions
  • storage room
  • deluxe wooden base
  • doubles the size
  • Cover above the compartment
  • metal pieces

5- Amerous 15″ x 15″ Magnetic Wooden Chess Set, Folding Travel Chess Board

Amerous 15 x 15 Magnetic Wooden Chess Set, Folding Travel Chess Board

Gift the amorous 15 inches of ideal chess set to your loved ones or the colleagues who have the same interests as you. Coming in a safety pouch to protect the premium quality from unnecessary scratches, you get a good deal with money back guarantee from the brand.

Wooden base has 2 shades of brown imprinted on it in perfect squares to play comfortably on it. A foldable ability fold into half the size and inside it is the compartment for storing the chessmen. Each piece has its cut out place to prevent from rattling them together which can cause chipped or broken piece.

Keep the box outdoor or during a long train travel, amorous stays with you safe and sturdy to bear the sudden bumps and jerks. The bottoms of the pieces are processed to be anti scratching keeping the board neat and be used for longer time.

Other than that there are magnet attached to the bottom that are able to make them stick to their position no matter how you position the board. Several chess lovers like this feature due to its magnetic power. Perfect for gifting, beginners and experts their never ending love for the thrill of the game that keeps on growing.

2 extra queens are added in the package for getting one player out of trouble or a smash shot to present the pawn until the arbiter decides his fate. Perfect as your travel buddy and fit for all ages and player, amorous has solved your issue for choosing a good quality chess set for you.


  • 15” x 15”
  • Wooden board
  • Magnetic quality
  • Anti scratching chessmen
  • 2 extra queens
  • Handmade
  • Safety bag
  • Storage compartment

6- AMEROUS Chess Set, 15″x15″ Folding Magnetic Wooden Standard Chess

AMEROUS Chess Set, 15x15 Folding Magnetic Wooden Standard Chess

Amorous chess set is the perfect example of quality and durability which proves to be a deadly combination. Base of the set has a decent gloss finishing with the smoothness that is required for moves. On the 15 inches of playable area, has the perfect imprint of square on it representing a good quality product finish.

Manufacturers have specially kept this in mind; many users tend to change their places as it enhances their concentration level. There happens to be a storage compartment that saves the pieces from rattling or crashing into each other in case you want to play outdoors.

Metal clasps are used to secure the lock where each piece is settled in its place. These special slots are designed to keep the quality and safety of the chessmen intact. Moreover the pieces have certain processing done under them which make them anti scratching.

Premium quality is assured during the manufacturing of this chess set with visible patterns on the boards and pieces in tiny detailing. 24 months of warranty is also given by the brand in terms of its quality which has passed all the tests after the making.

On top of all these positive points you get to have magnetic chessmen that stick to their place. Ina minor inconvenience or mischief, your game will not be disturbed unless and until you move the pieces yourself. In this way the board is protected from the scratching and the pieces are protected from breaking.


  • magnetic 15” set
  • foldable board
  • metal clasps
  • storage compartment
  • 24 months warranty
  • Anti scratching bottoms

7- The Jarilo, Unique Wooden Chess Set

The Jarilo, Unique Wooden Chess Set

An exotic chess experience is possible with a high quality set as the jarilo is providing to the great lovers of this game. Keeping alive the chess mystery, one needs to know this bit about the type of item they are getting.

The reason this has become an amazing experience to use this chess set because these are made with highest quality wood including sycamore and hornbeam. The former is used in creating the dark pieces of the army and the latter in lighter pieces in Staunton style chessmen.

An e-book is provided along the package to help a beginner learn all the tips for a perfect win. This feature is extremely helpful in making a fool into gold. Rules of chess can be a little tricky sometimes for the people who are in the learning phase. With this E-Book learning chess is no longer a headache but fun instead.

Foldable board is the reason this board is able to fit anywhere in your house or inside your luggage if you travel often. 21 inches of playable set is halved into its size with this ability to let the user save and put it anywhere they want in a small space.

Handcrafted pieces all in different sizes from 4.33 inches to smaller ones are stored in a storage compartment at the back. Inside the folded board are the separate place holders of this set to make them not slip off or break into bits on a rough ride.


  • 21 x 10.5 x 2.8 item dimension
  • Handcrafted
  • Wooden set
  • King size 4.33”
  • Playable board 20” x 20”
  • Foldable ability

Specs to underline before buying chess sets with storage

There is no doubt that the storage feature of the boards has many advantages but this should not be the only measure for buying a chess set. There are other qualities as well which will keep on adding more to the usage of the chess sets:

Board type:

The base of any chess set determines the quality of it and the type of game you are going to play. Smooth succession of moves is determined on the type of board you are getting. Cheap quality products are the reason you experience bumps and uneven surfaces.

Even the hinge or cut on the foldable boards can be uneven when laid on the flat surface. These types of inconveniences should be noticed carefully if you are going to buy a board for yourself. Magnetic boards are the reason you can have a peaceful game play without the fear of losing the position of pieces.

Metal or brass clasps are used to turn a perfectly flat board into briefcase that fits in tight spaces. A square made into a rectangle which is able to be fixed in bags, hand carry or boxes almost anywhere and everywhere.


Probably the most exquisite and pleasing part of a chess set is the chessmen that comes with it. Staunton style is usually used in most sets as the standard quality of chess mania. The bottoms of these pieces can be layered with felt and still contain magnets that are used to stick them to their places on the board.

Storage capacity:

In many cases, the brands offer storage compartments where the velvet interior first of all gives a premium and calm look. Other than that there are separate cut outs for the pieces of their exact shapes to hold them together.

This feature is able to keep the pieces safe from chipping from corners, rattling on a bumpy ride or losing them once and for all. Other manufacturers provide string velvet pouches which are also good source of keeping the chessmen safe and can be stored in the compartment after the game.


Foldable quality of the chess sets makes them very compact and easy to carry around with you. Anything that can be halved in its size saves much space for the people who are frequent travelers and need to keep more stuff in less room.


 The type of materials used in the making determines the longevity of the product. If the base and pieces are made from wood it better be an epic one chosen from different wood types in the world. Some of those include sycamore, hornbeam and birches and if it is plastic or metal it better  be of highest quality.


This is probably the most important factor in determining the type of chess set that will meet your requirement. It does not have the physical attributes but making the purpose of your buying clear will help you look for the right spots.

Tournament sets are different in terms of sizes whereas the beginners set can be different in its quality. on the other hand decorative sets are more for putting in your sitting area whereas travel sets will be the complete opposite of it. it is good to be clear about the kind of investment you are going to make.

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