6 Best Electronic Chess Board in 2021

Actually holding a chess piece in your hand has more leverage over an online match which is why there is this list of best electronic chess boards. The improvement that these boards have been made with and the amount of options they have onboard is simply jaw-dropping.

With different modes and levels pre-installed plus setting your difficulty level that matches your skill is very reliable way to learn with ease. Letting you hook your game board with your computer while being guided by a voice tutor will allow you to increase your winning streak.

Voice tutor is able to tell the authenticity of your moves and upcoming threats so you get to protect the queen of your castle and win every time. Impress your friends and opponents by training on variety of levels and 1 player mode where computer trains you.

Many of these boards come with LCD screens and different buttons that are able to set the contrast and adjustments. Different games and mind puzzles are available to choose from including Halma, checkers, reverse, fox and geese, 4 in a row, Nim etc.

Keep track of your progress, training and matches that you have won with the system which also keeps the pattern of moves recognized. LED boxes light up when a move is played making it look appealing and refreshes your mind to enhance concentration.

Easy to carry with, these boards are lightweight and mostly operate on batteries that are long lasting. Enjoy a game of chess without worrying about leaving it home or running out of space in your luggage wherever you travel.

List Of Top Rated Best Electronic Chess Board

  1. Lexibook CG1300 ChessMan Elite Interactive electronic chess game
  2. iCore Electronic GC3224 Talking Chess Computer Set
  3. DGT Centaur- New Revolutionary Chess Computer
  4. iCore Magnet Chess Sets Board Game, Electronics Travel Talking Checkers
  5. ICORE Electronic Travel Magnetic Talking Chess Board Games
  6. Millennium M812 Chess Germany Genius PRO Chess Computer

Lexibook CG1300 ChessMan Elite Interactive electronic chess game

Lexibook CG1300 Chess Man Elite Interactive electronic chess game

Training your mind for the tournament has been easier by icore elect5ronic chess set that is loaded with user intended features. It is the game of focus, intense strategy and lots of training which is why there is a voice operator robot included for all the assistance and training.

Placed on the magnetic board that keeps all the pieces together are the size is made portable enough to be taken anywhere you go. The product justifies the love for chess and is made for the people who are passionate about it.

Installed with 12 modes to play in with 30 levels, each with different difficulty stages is the new winning machine. Transform your mind with the training levels to become a master at this game with step by step guide through the talking computer.

100 pre programmed exercises that are easily followed with the strategy explained in bits. Play against the strongest opponent, with the robot itself to let you learn all the winning tips and tricks and build your concentration till the end.

With different levels of difficulty, there are separate strategies for children or beginners and the level keep on rising as you get better at it. The specs define the type of versatile product this is because it can be used for pleasure as well as tournament training.


  • 12 chess modes
  • 30 levels
  • 100 preset exercises
  • Voice tutor
  • Easy to carry size
  • Robot mode
  • Magnetic board

iCore Electronic GC3224 Talking Chess Computer Set

iCore Electronic GC3224 Talking Chess Computer Set

ChessMan Elite has made an innovative chess board that has all the advanced features needed for the beginner to become an expert. Improve your strategic skills with this electronic chess board to become a master from rookie. The brand gives 2 year warranty of this intelligent board game that leaves all in awe.

Built in 64 difficulty levels initiate your problem solving expertise and adjusts according to your progress report. ELO 1800 system keep the track of your progress and portrays the moves by 16 leds. Memorizing the moves by the computer, its touchpad enables the computer to do it.

There are different modes where the training mode suggests you tips and tricks on winning the match in 5 moves or pawn trick and other famous known codes there are. It also allows you to play a two player game against a real competitor or the computer against you.

The improvement mode directs the player to let him if the moves he is playing are optimal or not. 50 move rule and pawn promotion tend to be practiced more often due to their winning streak. Hints are also given to help the player make the appropriate choice.

Power by 76R AA batteries of 3000mA, you get to keep an eye on your moves with the light patterns. Multi move referee match is also included in the preset modes with each step’s verification possible. Take a move back function is also possible and can be undone up to 2 moves.


  • 64 difficulty levels
  • 16 LEDs
  • Training mode
  • Winning tricks
  • 2 player mode
  • 2 year warranty
  • 3000mA battery power

DGT Centaur- New Revolutionary Chess Computer

DGT Centaur- New Revolutionary Chess Computer

DGT has made something for the users to challenge their IQ to a much higher extent with electronic chess set. The pieces have minimal weight and are compatible with other DGT devices as well.  Having a smooth feel and nice finishing on the pieces and the board you get a premium feeling from the set.

You can adjust the difficulty level according to your skill set and can play with computer to learn the tricks. Making you expert in one time play is the magic of this chess board recognizing the inner talent of your for this game.

Lighting up the board and squares on it with LEDs, the batteries included in it is chargeable and works longer than your match. Easy to set up and play, the board is designed to be carried anywhere since its lightweight.

Boots in 15 seconds and the sensor put in the board follows the pattern of moves and recognizes it each time. The brand itself gives 2 years of warranty to cover any accidental damage which builds the trust of the users and its durability.

The easy picking of pieces and putting down without any pushing comes very reliable and fun way to keep the game going. In the size of 17.5 x 15.8, this portable box of intelligence is the new way of keeping your passion with you at any time.


  • Level adjustment
  • Sensor board
  • E-paper position display
  • DGT compatible pieces
  • LED squares
  • 2 year warranty
  • Battery rechargeable

iCore Magnet Chess Sets Board Game, Electronics Travel Talking Checkers

iCore Magnet Chess Sets Board Game, Electronics Travel Talking Checkers

Fixed with 5 chess levels and 30 different levels to play with is the new icore magnetic chess set. Reviving the heart of masterclass chess players, this machine has a talking tutor to make you the worldwide famous chess expert. Operating on 4 AA batteries, the size is ideal for carrying it with you anywhere you go.

Magnetic board keeps the pieces intact and does not let them disperse even if you accidentally spilled something on it. The tactics for children makes it a versatile device that is suitable for all ages and players. Various puzzles and chess strategies are laid out for beginners and experts too.

Developing the problem solving skills in you, there is a step by step guidance provided by the tutor to make you learn the mystery of this board game. There are 12 modes and 30 levels which are pre installed to get your ride started with.

Playing with computer will allow you to practice it with an expert brain while playing with your friends in 2 player modes will give you a good time with your peers. LCD display has made this board unmatched and uniquely designed board that comes with 8 different brain puzzles like checkers, reverse, Halma etc.

There is an LCD placed at the bottom mid of the board with adjusting buttons that has the capacity to adjust the colors as well. Giving you to fully manage and set the board for whatever game you like, this brand has raised the bar for ordinary chess sets to compete with.


  • 12 chess modes
  • 30 levels to play
  • Electronic board
  • 8 different brain teasers
  • Talking tutor
  • 4 AA battery operated
  • Chess pieces case

ICORE Electronic Travel Magnetic Talking Chess Board Games

ICORE Electronic Travel Magnetic Talking Chess Board Games

A unique way of learning is introduced with icore electronic chess board that is easy to travel with and carry it in your regular luggage. Not stressing the pieces onto the box, magnets under the set is able to keep them intact.

Playing in different modes with the robot or computer and your friends is the way this chess board rolls. Voice commands and announcements of moves are able to lay out with the help of robot tutor. Teaching you what moves to play next through this system takes the game to next level.

With 8 different styles of brain puzzles to enhance focus and concentration, you get to choose the exercise according to your difficulty and skills.  Polishing your strategies to make you one heck of a player, this board is suitable for all ages.

 Battery operated unit is easy to set up, charge or put in long lasting batteries to let the fun begin. LCD screen has the option to adjust the color contrast with a clear view. The voice tutor also lets you know the moves you are playing either they are eligible, welcoming a threat or valid.

The screen is placed in the bottom middle with a few buttons to make the board ready for your style of match. Sensors on the board detect the moves along the players hand movements and through the magnets. 8 challenging types of games are preset in the system for training your mind to think more quickly.


  • Voice tutor
  • Electronic board
  • 1 and 2 player modes
  • Chess for kids
  • LCD screen
  • 8 various game types
  • Move announcements

Millennium M812 Chess Germany Genius PRO Chess Computer

Millennium M812 Chess Germany Genius PRO Chess Computer

Icore electronic chess computer has included the storage case with chess pieces and checkers pieces in the chess set. To begin with, the board has little magnets under the main board that will keep the pieces stick to the ground.

100 preset exercises will force your mind to train the expertise and increase your winning streak in the tournament. 12 chess modes and 30 levels have been installed in the system to let you practice on. Moreover there is 1 player mode where you get to exercise with computer and 2 player mode to let you play with your peers as your opponent.

Sensory board has a large LCD placed on the bottom of the board that has the options for adjusting the contrasts with buttons. Advance your skills with the help of voice move recommendations and announcements.

Telling you where you went wrong from the system’s computer, there is no better way to correct your mistakes. Plus there will be slight chances of you faults and fouls in the real tournaments afterwards. Understand the tactics of chess world and play on the difficulty level you can cope with.

The brand has really put a lot of effort to make it one of the best electronic devices to learn the art of being a chess master. This is just like mystery solving instead the step by step guidance and adjusting your level that increases with time and your learning capability.


  • 12 modes
  • 30 chess levels
  • Tutor in action
  • Voice announcements
  • 1 and 2 players options
  • LCD screen
  • Storage case

Things to note before buying electronic chess board

When you are passionate about something like chess that not only increases your IQ level but also polishes your mind to handle critical situations, you got to deal with something worth your investment. Electronic chess boards are the best use of money in a time where everything has digitalized.

Before taking your card out, you need to consider the following things that will suit your needs. Because these types of boards are hard work oriented and a good way to learn the mastery of chess, there are a few things that still need your attention to understand what is worth your time and money:

 Quick learning:

Different play puzzles:

Through the modes and adjustment of difficulty levels, you can learn the art of chess within no time. Begin your training by playing with computer if you have no one to teach you the winning tips. Not only will this teach you the tricks which experts use but will also build the focus that you lost.

These boards have various options in one body which means that after classic chess, there are a lot of other games like checkers and reverse, you can train your concentration level in any way you want. Learn through different game styles or through software after you hook your board with your computer. Connect with your friends if they are far away and prosper together.

Keep track of moves:

One prominent feature of electronic chess boards is that you get to record your game and moves. It helps you keep a fair balance and improve your mistakes when you recheck them where you lack. Storing the game and remembering the moves will no longer give you a headache.

Virtual tutor:

To grow your seed of passion for this board game, you do not have to pay heavy amounts of money for training with professionals. Saving your investment, voice tutor is at your service which will guide you step by step. Helping you overcome your weaknesses and mistake through voice commands and announcements, you get to understand the basic and advance rules of the game.

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