7 Best wooden chess set in 2021

A game that stimulates your mind and make you a critical thinker is how best wooden chess set came into being. The toughness of best quality wood, carefully structured chess boards and environment friendly material chessmen are brought together on the table.

Various brands are making these boards but only a few guarantees quality. The following listed brands are known for their good reviews and chassis that appeal every type of user. There happens to be different types of boards where the personal preference is user’s choice but wood is mostly chosen.

The secret is in the making of these boards where the woods like birches, hornbeam, sycamore etc are taken from far off lands and formulated in Poland. Imported quality is the first stamp of approval where the standard of products are higher than the ordinary.

Other than the structure, most boards are folding which means that they are easily fitted anywhere they are placed. Take it with you in the evening park session, on your upcoming flight or to your friend’s birthday bash to have a good time.

Perfect for gifting, the boards are also made magnetic so nothing can ruin your game, not even as a prank. Strong grip and durability is what you are looking for in an item like this.The compartment made for keeping the pieces safe is the new suite for never losing your pieces again.

Further there is the look that has the first eye in the user’s approval stamp. Felt based interior and bottoms of the chessmen are made to give a decent finishing in the overall look. Surface of the boards are made anti-scratching so that it makes little to no noise in an intense game session.

There is no doubt that there are all sizes of boards in which professional, kids size and standard size are common from 10 to 16 inches. The choice to choose from these are depended on the customer while also considering the chessmen are more in number as well. Instead of 32 you get to find 34 or 36 in some packages.

List Of Top Rated Best wooden chess set

  1. Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set
  2. Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set
  3. Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board
  4. SouvNear 10.5″ Wood Chess Set
  5. Amerous 19001 Chess Set
  6. Wegiel CHW6 Handmade Jowisz Professional Tournament Chess Set
  7. AMEROUS Chess Set

1- Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set

Chess Armory 15 Wooden Chess Set

Critical thinking is the only way of formulating your thoughts that is not destructive. Understanding the importance, chess armory introduces 15 by 15 inches wooden chess set. This game stimulates your mind to become a strategic planner along with other benefits.

First things first, the design upon which it is built on and it dazzles the customer to see how much detailing that is put into its craft. Handmade chessmen are the symbol of expert craftsmanship by the brand’s expert team.

These pieces contain felt bottoms that are helpful in maintaining their grip on a smooth surface. This bottom does not easily slides and so gives you a clear perspective on the moves. 3 inches size of the king piece is truly remarkably made.

The board itself is foldable and seems very travel friendly when it comes to portability. It folds into two perfectly sized rectangles from the middle. Evenly halved, at the back is the storage compartment for the chess pieces to be stored and never lose them no matter what. The strap on the felt interior keeps them from falling out of their places and keeps them grounded.

The premium look of this board gives you the chess master realness as if you have the mojo to win every game. The cut in the middle does not even show or feel when making the moves.Brass locks secure the box and is ready to go with you anywhere you are going.


  • 15” x 15” size
  • Foldable board
  • felt coating inside
  • hand crafted chess pieces
  • straps inlaid
  • brass security
  • felt bottoms

2- Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

Made from the finest tree barks like hornbeam and birches, Wegiel has introduced the European ambassador chess set that is extra ordinary in its looks and feels.Carefully selected and carved into a set of beautiful handmade chess pieces is the biggest flex of the brand and its users.

21 inches board with 1.18 inches of depth has grabbed the attention of many as to how it looks in its final presentation. The foldable quality of the wood makes it easy to be compact and portable letting you take it away with you.

Perfectly half into a box is secured with brass clasps and a neat finishing does not even make it obvious if the board was ever been halved before. On the interior, it is layered with felt giving it a high quality chassis. The toned balance of modern structure and same old chess traditions makes it one of a kind.

The chess pieces are all hand crafted with tiny details on them clearly visible. Also made from sycamore wood which is known for its kind, the chessmen are made with felt bottoms as well. Its stunning quality is the guarantee of having a strong grip on a smooth board.

Not only its decorative making but its efficient in being user and travel friendly are the money lines for many users around the world. Also a great gift to give it to your friends and family, add this into your wish list for a souvenir of good times.


  • 21.65” W, 21.65” D, 1.18”H
  • Brass clasps
  • Folded board
  • Handcrafted pieces
  • Pieces compartment
  • 4.5” king piece
  • Felt interior and bottom

3- Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board

Agirlgle International Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board

Agirlgle international chess set is the new way to unfold a whole world of a chess masters, which is why the brand has introduced a tough component in the market. The wooden chess board is made with high-quality tree barks chosen from the finest of their breeds.

Perfect for travelling, the board is set to be foldable and has a metal lock to secure the pieces inside the box. The interior of the compartment is felt layered and has each section carved for each piece. Great for all occasions or gifting, the brand has done a nice job creating a versatile chess set for its users.

The pieces are made of environmental metal material which means that no matter what the temperature is, the pieces will not rust easily. Their weight is the key to have a good grip on the board and is bound to go with you for a long time.

This one time investment is the reason you will never have to regret it rather enjoy a wholesome experience with it. High qualitypear wood guarantees durability and lightweight for keeping it with you at all times.

Metal based lock and zinc alloy pieces  go hand in hand when it comes to saving your pieces from losing. The compartment is saved and the pieces do not move from their place once and for all.


  • Metal pieces
  • Foldable board
  • Wood base for board
  • Compartment for chessmen
  • Environmental metallic material
  • Secure lock

4- SouvNear 10.5″ Wood Chess Set

SouvNear 10.5 Wood Chess Set

The innovation brought into the market is by SourNear magnetic chess set that is great ttravel buddy for chess lovers. Excellent craftsmanship lets you see the outcome that the pieces are handmade wooden carved. The detailing put into the shape and features is truly remarkable.

100% guarantee of quality is given by the brand itself as it is made from finest wood there is. 10.5 inches from all sides, the board has the capability of being foldable. This feature lets the user to fold it into a rectangle that takes less space in your luggage and can be carried anywhere.

There is a chessmen compartment at the inner side of the folded board which is used for containing all the pieces in one place. The best thing about this board grips the pieces well and holds them on board by magnets. Even if you are in a long ride but want to set a game, Sauvnear got your back.

The green felt compartment is a nicely built suite for the chess pieces so you never lose them. For a frequent traveler, this is your best buddy which is a little extra.  34 pieces in the package has two queens to look after the castle.


  • Handmade quality
  • Green felt interior compartment
  • 34 pieces
  • Foldable board
  • 10.5” x 10.5”
  • Wooden body
  • Quality guaranteed

5- Amerous 19001 Chess Set

Amerous 19001 Chess Set

The world is evolving and so does the world of chess with magnetic base that holds the pieces together. There is a vast difference in the ordinary boards and magnetic board is that they are free to carry around anywhere you want. Their capability to hold the grip down to the board is what makes them let you take it anywhere easily.

Made by the high quality wood, the board size is 12 inches by 12 inches forming a perfect square. It happens to be foldable and takes less space then, so if you are a frequent player and cannot live without your chess set? Get this as soon as possible.

After the foldable quality, there is also a storage compartment for the pieces to hold down and in place. Each piece has its own cut out so it fits perfect in their suite and does not fall off during a bumpy ride. The bottoms of the chessmen are smoothly made and give a fine finish so that during an intense game play, the board is not full of scratches at the end.

A metal lock is also present in the middle of the front chassis to secure the compartment after a game.The compact design, guaranteed quality and magnetic feature is what a good chess set looks like in the modern era.


  • Magnetic board
  • Wooden made
  • 12 x 12” size
  • Folded capability
  • Storage compartment
  • Smooth bottom pieces
  • Metal lock

6- Wegiel CHW6 Handmade Jowisz Professional Tournament Chess Set

Wegiel CHW6 Handmade Jowisz Professional Tournament Chess Set

The epitome of handcrafted material is WegielJowisz professional tournament set of chess. The reason it is called a professional chess set because it is handmade high quality material is used as you might have seen in international tournaments.

16 inches of size has a smooth surface upon the board where pieces are set. Foldable feature of the board is made compact and easy to travel with attracting many users from all around the world.Wood like sycamore, hornbeam or birches, these are carefully selected barks which are known for their durability.

Not easily breaking, this board is made in Poland by the experts and masters of craftsmanship. They ensure that the sets they are making are never failed to dazzle the users with the detailed chess pieces. Made by the man power of them, they carve them into the perfect shape and size.

Talking about the size, king sized at 3.4 inches, queen stays at 2.8 inches whereas the pawn measures 1.5 inches, each of them having their separate grace. The compact aesthetics are likely to become your full time companion with the storage compartment to store your pieces.

Never lose a single piece ever again with 2 brass clasps to secure the grips in their position while staying in the compartment. No matter how bumpy or long ride you might be going to take, your chess set is safe and tough on everything above it.


  • Each square 1.6 x 1.6”
  • High quality wood
  • Storage compartment
  • Felt base layered
  • 2 brass clasps
  • Handcrafted pieces

7- AMEROUS Chess Set


Amerous chess set is bound to reach new levels of sturdiness with its magnetic board. Having magnets on the board and under the pieces is how you land a perfect grip. 15 by 15 inches of board size is the ideal size considering the compactness and portability.

Being a foldable board, it makes it easy for the user to take it in their luggage, lawn or plane. At the inner side of the folding, there is an interior premium looking compartment where all the pieces are saved. Every piece is of different size and have their separate cut out so they fit well and do not fall out.

Other than no rattling, the board itself is made from good quality wood that stays with you for a long time and you do not have to get another board. Hence saving you from regret and smart investment, this neat chess set is all se for you to get your hands on it.

Moreover the bottoms of each piece has a fine finishing which makes a smooth move on the board. The chess board itself has an anti-scratching surface.There is no rattling or any other sounds during the game play.

The brand guaranteesyou the good quality product that is promised to its users. Understanding the love for chess there is and the trick for a good game, it is their combined effort to make a compact board and robust chessmen on the table.


  • Magnetic chess pieces
  • 15” x 15” size
  • Perfect for every weather condition
  • Foldable board
  • Wooden crafted
  • Storage compartment

Heading in the direction to make the right choice of wooden chess set

Many are chess players but rare are the ones who truly enjoy the competition and value the efforts of makers who bring out the best in the chess sets. For the same kind of level of appreciation you need to consider some points that will lead you to a good deal.

Type of board:

The market is huge in every aspect where you might find metal, plastic, wood or zinc alloy boards. There is no doubt that each one has their own property but the wooden boards are long lasting and will provide you with that antique look.  Presenting it as a souvenir, as much as the game of chess is antique, wooden boards add more value to it.

Carved from one of the finest woods present in the world including birches, sycamore, hornbeam etc, the best is coming towards you. A smooth surface is the result of expert made finish that has a glossy touch as well. The addition of magnets is also a good gesture to let the grip strong and does not let the pieces slide away underneath the first layer of the board.

Storage compartment:

Almost all the brands understand the convenience of storage compartment so that you never lose your chess pieces. Each piece no matter if they are all of the same size or different, has their own cut out at the back of the board.

This feature will let them stick to their place and fit right into it so no rattling sound is made or broken pieces found. There are also elastic straps in the whole suite or upon the piece placement so it gets no chance of falling out of its place.

Fold ability:

The brands have added another milestone into the manufacturing of these chess boards where they can be folded into half. Easily able to store or travel with it is made your new travel buddy as well. Take it with you in the park, on your next trip from out of the town or t the next door. It is all possible with the brass clasps or metal locks to make it like a mini briefcase.

Handmade items:

Everyone knows hand-crafted items are not made in abundance which is why they have high quality in the making. The chess pieces with sleek detailing are handcrafted by the experts of Poland and are known internationally. So the quality is guaranteed without a doubt. You do not want to regret the investment you put into your purchase.

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