4 Harry Potter Chess Sets in 2021

The love for chess and Harry potter series makes the perfect combination for Harry potter chess sets. The world of Wizard has the magic and mystery of its own and so does the school of Hogwarts. Where only the sharp minds and strong hearts can survive, there is the board of chess waiting to crush its opponent.

This happens to be one of those perfect gifts for themed parties or to make your child learn the art of chess. Designed on the characters from the film series specifically the sorcerer’s stone where quick thinking and strategy was able to save the lives of Ron, Hermione and Harry.

Being able to relate to your favorite characters makes you enjoy the game more and focus on the moves efficiently. The detailing put into the making of these chess pieces require expert craftsmanship from the brands. If counting the number you will usually find 16 to 34 pieces to play with a two player game.

Including a foldable board that is slim and lays flat lets you pick it to different places quite easily. Mostly finding 24 inches of square and total length and width of the board measuring 20 inches at most is the ideal companion.

The addition of adding a pouch or tray that holds the pieces together will also let you keep the small parts safe. The pieces are usually made from the characters from the movie from the scene where the actors are put on a live giant chess board.

With each winning move crushing the losing piece, the difference in these brands is of quality and durability. Plastic made pieces have their own perks and grip on the cardboard made board. The prices may also differ due to the type of material these chess sets are made with.

List Of Top Rated Harry Potter Chess Sets

  1. Noble Collection NN7580 Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set
  2. Mattel R9315 Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set
  3. Noble Collection NN9002 Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess
  4. Noble Collection NN7979 The Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

1- Noble Collection NN7580 Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Noble Collection NN7580 Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Chess is a game that requires more attention and focus, not to forget the kind of set you are using builds your interest more in the game. Especially while dealing with children to make them learn this game of strategy, the chess set needs to be something of their interest.

Harry potter has worldwide recognition and a theme based chess set is how you get to play at your own pace. Authorized and legalized by Warner brothers, this chess set has the reference to harry potter’s sorcerer’s stone film.

The chess pieces are crafted according to the characters of the film and measures 2 inches to 4 inches. Measuring separately the piece rook sizes 4.7 inches, the knight sizes 4.3 inches, and bishop’s length is 5.3 inches. On the other hand 4.9 inches of queen stands tall along with 5.3 inches and the pawn sizes 2.4 inches.

Chess board itself comes in 20 x 20 inches with each box in a decent cut and size. Highly detailed chess pieces are made to add it to the noble collection for the love of chess and rising potter heads in chess as well.


  • Authorized by warner brothers
  • Character chess pieces
  • Piece measures 2-4”
  • 2 string pouches
  • The sorcerer’s stone crafted pieces

2- Mattel R9315 Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Mattel R9315 Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Think about standing on a position in a game of chess and remember what Ron, Hermoine and Harry would have done. The exact scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone comes to your head if you happen to be a true fan of the series.

Noble collection ensures that no fan ever feels left out in the famous board game of chess and the legacy of the series keeps on running from generation to generation. This classic set is the recreation of the film from the series where the design lies in its making.

32 chess pieces, all of different shapes and sizes are made with fine detailing on them representing each piece its position. The board lies straight on a flat surface and can be folded if you want to take it with you to the park or to flex it to a friend.

The replicas from the film are almost exactly the same in their design making the user reminiscent the movie of the tension that filled the air for chess players. The book might have described the trick of winning in a different way but with this chess set, you have the ropes in your hand.


  • Classic chess set
  • Recreation of sorcerer’s stone
  • 32 pieces in number
  • Detailing in replicas
  • Folding board
  • Instruction manual

3- Noble Collection NN9002 Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess

Noble Collection NN9002 Harry Potter Wizard's Chess

The role of harry potter in chess has some significant importance as the characters have seen playing it live. If you are a true potter head, you must remember the scene of intense chess game. Those enchanted pieces have the power to move themselves and crush the losing piece.

Unfortunately, this chess board does not have the power of self moving pieces but it does have the authorization of Warner Brothers. In addition to this, noble collection is able to put the crafting on its chess pieces.

32 in number, those pieces have all the ability to bear the intense game pressure with their plastic made bodies. Both black and white troops are all of different sizes from 2 inches to 5 inches naming pawn and king simultaneously.

 The board lays flat on a plain surface and is easy to carry as well with each square size of 47 centimeters. Chess requires the activeness of mind and perfect strategy which makes a person wins like Hermione made her team win saving them from utter shame.

A wizard world has its own rules and regulation just as the mystery of chess game too. The brand focuses on the detailing and quality of the chess set to make the user feel at home with his investment and the game itself. 


  • Recreation of sorcerer’s stone
  • 32 chess pieces
  • High detailing on pieces
  • 47cm each square
  • Plastic made piece
  • Licensed product by Warner Brothers

4- Noble Collection NN7979 The Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

Noble Collection NN7979 The Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

Noble collection brand deals with popular board games and such is its approach in the wizard world as well. The thrill one gets to play on his favorite movie or character board is beyond any price to be paid. The combined fun for the love of chess and harry potter series makes the game even more exciting specially playing with the same potter heads.

Even after the long release of the movie many people are still interesting in buying its merch or the products which resemble the movie. Same is this wizard chess set that is a recreation of harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

Shrunk into 20 inches board, thanks to noble collection for making it fit into smaller spaces. The pieces are carefully crafted in detail as every piece has its own identity from the film. Small pieces may not seem interesting on a board like this so they are made from size 2 to 5 inches.

The biggest piece sizes 5.5 inches king whereas the pawn sized 2.5 inches tall. Their natural weight makes them hefty and balances them on the board for an intense game. The board rests on 4 4.5 inches feet to make the players play at ease and not bend their back too much on a low table.


  • 20 x 20 x 4.5”
  • Recreation sorcerer’s stone
  • Detailed chess pieces
  • Authorized by Warner Brothers
  • 32 chess pieces
  • 2-5” size of chess pieces

Features to note before buying Harry Potter Chess sets

The market is huge in terms of same product type and material they are built on but part of it also depends on the usage. The professional chess sets are different from the ones which you have to use every once in a while.

You get to notice small details about the quality of the chess set after playing a few games on it but the major ones can be noticed if you keep in mind the following points:

Board type:

There happens to be all types of boards depending on their category of pricing and manufacturing. The professional boards are sturdier than the ordinary ones because of the quality they are built with. Their durability is the reason along with their designs that they belong to another tier of products.

The category you are looking for is made for casual usage where you get a foldable flat board. The chances are that there happens to be a board that has standing feet below it to make it stand firmly on the ground. Each square on the board can measure between 14 inches to 24 inches.

Mostly are made of cardboard and can be folded 4 times too provided by some brands. This ability is good for storing it anywhere you want or even take it with you but the folding lines may not appeal some users if they are frequent players.

Chess pieces:

One of the catchy features in these products are the chess pieces which are the epitome of expert craftsmanship. The replicas that are recreated from the sorcerer’s stone chess scene cannot be identified as replicas due to their perfect resemblance.

Pawn, queen, king, bishop, knight etc all are different in sizes from 2 to 5 inches with little characters carved on them. The material used in their making is plastic but has some serious grip on the board and are not too heavy or too light. Many brands provide string pouches to store the pieces in so that you never lose them no matter where you take them.


Warner Brothers authorization makes the chess set valid and quality assured by the manufactures. This aspect puts leverage on other brands who do not provide this facility and the users get to find more faults in the designs than the ones with licensed package.


The reason you are buying a chess set determines which price suits you the best. For instance if you looking for a chess set to be taken with you in an international tournament overseas, that needs to be selected wisely and from the top tier category.

On the contrary, if you seldom play chess but cannot get enough of Harry Potter merchandise and want to add another product into your collection it is totally your call. Either way one needs to understand the budget requirement of spending wise amount of money on a chess board by keeping in mind his level of need and usage.

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