Lord of the rings chess set in 2021

Many brands are trying to recreate the stories of what everyone loves and lord of the rings chess set is one of them. The game of chess has a solid reference with lord of the rings whether it is a book or movie.

The immense liking of the users to buy certain merchandise makes them feel like they are living in a mythological world. Feeling empowered with the fantasy and mysterious world of magic as the lord of the ring tales begin is the reason brands try to make it work through their products.

A type of product you are expected to get in this category or style is very much likely to satisfy your hunger for lord of rings collectables and the love of chess. Since this game challenges your mind, what good can be done more if you get to play it on your favorite type of board!

Sizing from 15 to 20 inches of playable board, cardboard material comes in handy in this category of products and their price tag. This type of item is good for your often use or playing it in a leisure time which is why it is sturdy enough to hold an intense raging game play.

Chess pieces are hand sculpted and added plastic with resin gloss makes them look fine as if gold plated or marble is used. Deceiving enough, their grip or usage will not affect your game in any negative way but instead adds more beauty to your living room.

The addition of rule sheet and pouches or box is a bonus point which several brands take advantage of. Having premium collection of lord of rings merch is huge flex with the quality assurance. So for that the pieces need to be saved in their holding bags so you never lose them.

Carry the set around in the nearby park or your neighbor’s house or even better, gift it to the upcoming birthday. That is totally your call with the quality assurance and long lasting durability. Depending on your usage and budget, there is no way you can get a better deal than these.

List Of Top Rated Lord of the rings chess set

  1. Noble Collection NN2174 Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set
  2. Parker Brothers 40868 Rings Chess Set- The Return of the King
  3. Parker Brothers Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring Chess Set

1- Noble Collection NN2174 Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set

Noble Collection NN2174 Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set

A well made lord of the rings chess set by the noble collection has some serious edge over many manufacturers due to many reasons. Battle for middle earth is one of the main and most action required scenes from the movie or even the book series.

One of the main reasons is its well packed boxing that comes with two string pouches to keep each army. Making a premium look of the chess set, it is perfect for gifting your friends or family on several holiday occasions.

The board is playable to 18.5 inches and weighs only 3.34 pounds maximum making this beauty easy to carry and store in small spaces. 32 pieces in total, Nobel collection has put serious thought and making on the chessmen detailing.

From the beard of Gandalf to the sword of the knight, the detailed craftsmanship is the reason many users are attracted towards this set. The love of chess cannot be denied and so is the desire of collecting famous merchandise of biggest mythological hits of all time. The brand has combined the power and style of both in one box.

Its graphic board has little details on all the boxed and the logo in the middle of the cardboard body. This flat board is quite sturdy when you play chess every once in a while in your drawing room or at a friend’s house party.


  • 10.43 x 10.43 x 3.94 dimension
  • 18.5 x 18.5 board size
  • 32 pieces
  • 2”-4” piece size
  • Graphic board

2- Parker Brothers 40868 Rings Chess Set- The Return of the King

Parker Brothers 40868 Rings Chess Set- The Return of the King

Based on the last part of the series return of the king, parker brothers have made something out from the ordinary. A chess set that can relate to the struggles and strategy of Frodo for completing the mission given to him.

Plastic made chess pieces have all the detailing it needs to be put on them with hand sculpted finishing. This adds more beauty into the making of the set as the pieces are different in sizes each owning its own identity.

A perfect package to gift your friends and loved ones is how you get to pass the legacy of dark lord from one generation to another. Since the pieces are small parts, ages 5 and above are suggested to use this set under adult supervision.

Although the size of them ranges from 2 to 5 inches, the gold plated or marble looks give them a fine look. Soft resin finish is able to complete its rich refine finishing with a touch of gloss on a 15 x 11 inches of flat board.

Challenge your mind to pass through the adventures and challenges like Frodo did and conquer your ruling in the game of chess. The resin used for the chessmen is of high quality which is why it does not give a cheap look overall.


  • 15 x 11 x 2” dimensions
  • 3.55 pounds weight
  • For 5 years and above age
  • Soft plastic made
  • Resin gloss finish

3- Parker Brothers Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring Chess Set

Parker Brothers Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring Chess Set

Parker brothers have made the dream of a true chess and lord of the ring fan come true. By introducing a whole chess set based on the movie, this chess set sells like hot cakes. With 16 chess pieces in total coming in different colors of black and white shades, let it be noise of who wins the ultimate battle.

Even if you are not a big fan of the book or film, a rule sheet in included in the package as well. This helps in identifying which character does what. The chessmen are detailed with the features of their body of robes that are so fine that it actually looks like flying.

With so much detail put into the crafting of the pieces, there are two armies of silver warriors and bronze one. Setting the board is also listed in the rule sheet to place each character on the board according to that symmetry.

Cardboard made board has been printed a map of the whole lord of the ring series with black and white boxed on it. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the board is flat and has a standard size to be able to put where you can easily take it out or in.

15.6 x 11.6 inch of size of the board becomes the ideal and user favorite measure because this is easy to carry around. If you not a frequent player but want to add something of the greatest mythological fiction into your collection, this is good option to go for.


  • 16 chess pieces
  • Rule sheet included
  • Detailed pieces with reference to characters
  • Flat board
  • 15.5 x 11.6 inches
  • 3.5 pound weight

Points to ponder while buying lord of rings chess set

Fans are the ones who make one good book or movie, best seller and Oscar winning. And to give tribute to such great fictions like lord of the rings, brands decide to make certain goodies. Chess sets are one of that merchandise that attracts a number of audiences towards it.

The question here is if the only resemblance that matters is the reference of the book or movie series. There are certainly many more points that should be taken under consideration before buying:


A good quality material like thick cardboard, wood, metal, plastic or resin are used in the making of these sets. This feature determines how long your chess set is going to last. Their durability and longevity is real test of your investment made on them.

There is also variety in these material where one if cheap build and the other is premium one. This enables the tenure of working the product in hand and timing of its expiry. Part of it also depends upon the pricing or category it belongs to as well.

In low to mid tier items you are most likely to get cardboard made chess boards with resin soft plastic or hand sculpted pieces. They will not lose their grip very soon and can become your day to day companion for several hours of good game play.


Your usage or purpose of buying a chess set is also dependant on your decision of which product to go for. For instance, if you want to gift a chess game to your friends or relatives, you will see a brand that provides good quality board, thinly detailed themed lord of rings character based chessmen and what not.

The addition of storage pouches or boxes would be nice bonus point but nevertheless if your usage is otherwise, things are changed. In the perspective of getting it for yourself or for keeping in in your collection your priorities will change.


Hand sculpted art inspires many buyers since it happens to be a huge flex even in this century. Manufacturers try to serve the users with finest quality chess pieces as they are the main part of the whole package.

Most people tend to watch movie rather than read a thick novel on lord of the rings to represent the resemblance, many pieces closely relate to the characters from the film. On top of that, no one likes plain design which is why very fine and thin details are added on to the chess pieces to make them look realistic.


With experience and close observation, it is noticed that 90% of the time, the losing opponent will likely to turn the board over. This is one of the reasons why all the designs and durability has to rest on the base. A smooth succession of a raging game play can be carried out safely if the board is made of good quality cardboard or wood depending on the budget as well.

You can get different types of boards from mediocre to fancy and ostentatious but the price also keeps on getting higher too. Keeping in mind your purpose of buying will make it easier for you to make the decision.

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